OggSync stands for Outlook to multiple Google calendar sync.   Also, the term Ogg originates from Ogging.  Ogging is a multiplayer online strategy term used for a coordinated attack usually from multiple angles to eliminate a particular problem or threat. In the case of OggSync, the problem is disconnected and compartmentalized scheduling. There is only one of you, so why do you schedule your life on two (or more) calendars? Most people have a work calendar (Microsoft Outlook and Exchange) and a personal calendar (Google Calendar).

You may have other software that you use, if so, send an email to support@oggsync.com stating which package you use.

OggSync’s mission is to combine both lives into one manageable view! If you are looking at your Outlook calendar, you should see what you have scheduled personally and professionally, so that you can meet commitments in both sides of your life.

Likewise, if you are looking at your Google calendars, you should see your personal events along with any other business commitments you might have.

Please try the 3 day evaluation period, and then register OggSync. Your registration will enable us to improve the software and develop more solutions like this!