Today Google announced support for Contact access to GMail and Google Apps. OggSync is announcing version 4.0 which will include native sync with Google Contacts. Now, OggSync will keep your contacts in sync with your Outlook, Google Mail and Windows Mobile devices natively. No entering your valuable Google password into […]

Real… Native… Google Contact Sync — OggSync 4.0

One common configuration question, which also happens to be the initial design goal of OggSync, is a user with both professional and personal calendars, using Outlook+Exchange at work, Outlook at Home and perhaps a Windows Mobile Phone. This is OggSync’s design target, so this article is an outline for using […]

Using OggSync To Link the Microsoft World and Google Calendars

Google Has introduced Group Chat to it’s GMail interface and also a series of translation robots that leverage the existing Google Translate technology.  The world continues to get smaller. This technology is not fully rolled out into Google Apps for your domain, but I suspect it will be shortly.

Google Introduces IM Robot Technology to Google Talk

Today, Google has announced a Blackberry Sync Client. Now, with the Google client and OggSync for Outlook and Windows Mobile, there is now a very reliable sync solution ready for the enterprise! One more way your organization can leverage the Google Apps infrastructure in your personal and business life. If […]

Google Announces Blackberry Sync Support

When your business depends on scheduling, it’s not always a good idea to not have a disaster recovery plan for your calendaring data. Google Calendar doesn’t currently offer a “time machine” or automated backups of your data. However, OggSync for Outlook can help you in this situation. If you are […]

Backup Google Calendar with OggSync for Outlook

Thanks to all the bloggers who have posted about OggSync. We’ve recently had kind words from the Life in Lists and Solo-Technology blogs who have shared some of their experiences with OggSync. We definitely appreciate the posts! And Soarse, whom we found shortly after this post — thank you!

Thank you Bloggers

We are releasing OggSync for Outlook v3.22 which addresses the following issues and new features: Improved Sync Range (fixes “migration” of out of range items to the Google calendar) New functionality to treat unknown events in one of three ways: Ignore them, Prompt to create a new Google calendar for […]

OggSync for Outlook v3.22 Available

While OggSync doesn’t have native clients for these devices currently, we do support syncing to Outlook using OggSync for Outlook.  From Outlook, you can sync to your iPhone using the iTunes Outlook connector.  You can also sync with Blackberry and Palm using ActiveSync.

iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and Palm Sync Instructions

OggSync is now one year old! It was on this day in 2006 that the first OggSync user installed version 1.0 of the mobile software onto their Windows Mobile 5 phone. In October of 2006 OggSync had a grand total of 9 installed users, and as of this writing we […]

OggSync Turns One Year Old Today