OggSync Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is available for download. It has the following new features: One-Click Install (no more unzipping first) fix single recurrence instance delete from Outlook Greatly enhanced recurrence exception handling Added Proxy support (can use IE or Manual proxy settings) More informative pop-up message when login fails.

OggSync for Microsoft Outlook Add-in v3.10 Available

This is a maintenance release of v2 for Mobile which contains the following changes: New GUI Theme (3.0 theme) Setting for WM6 or WM5 compatibility mode (in the timezone screen), some cooked ROMs report themselves as WM5, use this setting to force WM6 compatibility mode. Enhanced error handling. Upgrade by […]

OggSync Mobile 2.20 Released

> Introducing the brand new OggSync Google Calendar Sync for Outlook. The only full two way category capable syncing solution! Now you can take charge of ALL aspects of your life while at the same time keeping them separate! Combined with the power of Google Calendar, OggSync for Outlook and […]

OggSync gCal Sync for Outlook

To aid with the Daylight Savings Time setup for new and existing users of OggSync, version 2.18 was released today with a “Timezone” Wizard/Worksheet. New users will be given information about their phone’s current timezone setting, given verification that the correct patches have been applied to for their device, and […]

OggSync 2.18 Released – Daylight and TimeZone Wizard

OggSync is pleased to announce OggSync 2.0 suite of products. For those with limited needs, OggSync basic will provide the Google Calendar user with full two way synchronization with no 3rd party involved! Direct from Google to your phone! To install the 2.0beta, first install the .NET CF 2.0 framework […]

Announcing OggSync FreeWare and Pro Version 2.16 GA