Real… Native… Google Contact Sync — OggSync 4.0

Today Google announced support for Contact access to GMail and Google Apps. OggSync is announcing version 4.0 which will include native sync with Google Contacts. Now, OggSync will keep your contacts in sync with your Outlook, Google Mail and Windows Mobile devices natively. No entering your valuable Google password into 3rd party servers. No data traffic except between your device and Google over SSL. Just you, Google and your contacts where you need them, on your phone and/or in Outlook. OggSync just made it a little easier to run your organization with Google Apps.

As always, this upgrade is free for OggSync subscribers. We should have a beta version available this week and a release version as fast as we get the green light.

If you would like to be in the beta program, please send an email to asking to be a part of the contact sync beta.

Quick update:  We are receiving your emails although we haven’t replied (good turnout), don’t worry, the beta hasn’t started just yet, you will be notified when we are ready.  Thanks!