How OggSync Works

Syncronizing Google Calendar with Outlook and Pocket Outlook 

At the most simple level, OggSync will synchronize your Google Calendar events with Outlook on your PC and on your Mobile device.  This is very useful on it’s own, as now you can have access to your calendar even when you aren’t connected to the internet, because OggSync has stored the the information in your Outlook database for you, so it’s there even if your data service is not.

You may enter new appointments and events into your PC or Mobile Outlook, and next time you are connected to the internet, OggSync will sync up your calendars by updating anything that has changed on your PC/Mobile Device and on Google Calendar.  Full two way sync.

The Power of Multiple Google Calendars

For people who need to share calendar information with others, Google Calendar is an excellent tool.  You can think of a Google calendar as an Outlook Category, it’s purpose is to contain related events.

For example, you may have a calendar for work events, another for family events and a third for events related to a club you belong to.  Different people need to see those different events (but not see events in other categories).  Google calendar allows you to do this.  OggSync allows you to extend the power of Google Calendar to your Outlook and Windows Mobile environment!

OggSync Enables Multiple Google Calendars in Outlook

Using OggSync, you can now use the power of Google Calendar’s combined view within your mobile device and Microsoft Outlook.  OggSync will pull those events into your Outlook calendar and will also keep them separate from one another, but combined in your calendar view.  Now you can see immediately if you have conflicts with different aspects of your life, right in Outlook and on your Windows Mobile device.

Outlook Category to Google Calendar Mapping

OggSync brings the power of Google to your Microsoft Outlook environment.  By installing the OggSync Add-in for Outlook, you can now use your personal or Exchange account and share Events with your group right from your main personal or Exchange calendar using Google Calendars.

By leveraging Outlook Categories, you can create new Appointments in Outlook Calendars and also see appointments others have assigned to that Category.  Categories work as follows:

  • For a new Outlook created event, if the Category matches a Google calendar, OggSync will sync that event to that Google calendar on the next sync.
  • If there is a new event in a Google Calendar that you are syncing to, OggSync will add that event to your Outlook database with a Category with the same name as the Google Calendar.
  • Once this initial relationship is set up, OggSync will no longer look at your Category when it does a sync (so you may add a second category for your own purposes).

By leveraging categories in Outlook, you can use the power of Google calendar sharing.  See the Features list in the different sections for more details on what OggSync can do.