“OggSync is a revelation! I use it to sync both my gmail calendar and my contacts with my Outook 2007 instance at work. I have all my calendar information exactly where I need it, and I have all my contacts centralized. For years I maintained two sets and this makes everything so much simpler. OggSync works beautifully and once I had it set up, I have had perfect data transfer and none of the small annoying data issues that most sync programs cause.” – Donald K.

“Great Sync Software: And with the rate that I update my calendar to schedule life, I need to sync often. Then I found OGGSYNC. It rocks…” – kalina

“I just bought a subscription to the Google Calendar/Microsoft Outlook/Windows Mobile syncing tool, OggSync. It’s going to allow me to (finally) sync Google Calendar, my phone’s calendar, and my Outlook Calendar. Isn’t that hawt?” – Via Sangre

“So I just decided to download a new app called OggSync. Man, let me tell you this baby works like a charm. … All the settings I need within a few clicks. Now I’m back up and running with my google calender being in sync with my treo.” – PalmAddicts

“I registered the updated dll, man this is working sweet!! Here is my setup….

Exchange 2003 (work calendar) <---two way sync---> Google Calendar —one way sync—> Exchange 2007 (home calendar)

I have a Sprint Treo 700wx that I sync to my home exchange server. My problem was that I never had my work calendar on it as it’s a personal phone. I want my home stuff to be my primary purpose. I always had a need to know where my next work meeting was so now I have it thanks to you and your great product!” – Keanen

“I had signed up for a subscription to OggSync, and then cancelled it within the 3-day period because I thought I found a alternative… …and it’s just a mess. I learned my lesson just to stick to the reliable OggSync, even though I’m cheap. (Can’t complain much for $30/yr, though!)” – Nate

“A great solution to what was a very annoying gap in the PPC’s functionality!” – Softnic

“Great, it works!! Thanks you very much! This tool is awesome.” – Nir

“I love your product and the ease of the sync.” – Josh