Monthly Archives: May 2007

This is a minor release of OggSync for Outlook which addresses the following issues: Rolled back one click install (it didn’t work for some users) Added checkbox for auto-popup for status window Removed invalid “403” error (unable to log in with no username/password) Remember, the Outlook toolbar shows up in […]

OggSync for Outlook v3.11 Released

We have had a lot of users trying out the OggSync for Outlook who think that the software isn’t working when in fact it’s related to how the “trial” version limits functionality. The current trial version of OggSync for Outlook only syncs 3 days from today. However, if the event […]

7 day trial vs. +/- 3 days of sync?

OggSync Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is available for download. It has the following new features: One-Click Install (no more unzipping first) fix single recurrence instance delete from Outlook Greatly enhanced recurrence exception handling Added Proxy support (can use IE or Manual proxy settings) More informative pop-up message when login fails.

OggSync for Microsoft Outlook Add-in v3.10 Available

This is a maintenance release of v2 for Mobile which contains the following changes: New GUI Theme (3.0 theme) Setting for WM6 or WM5 compatibility mode (in the timezone screen), some cooked ROMs report themselves as WM5, use this setting to force WM6 compatibility mode. Enhanced error handling. Upgrade by […]

OggSync Mobile 2.20 Released