OggSync 10 Beta is now available for download. Natively Sync Outlook with Multiple Google Apps Calendars, Contacts and Tasks – Supports any phone that syncs with Google (iPhone, Android Phones) – Hundreds of thousands of users – Syncing Google With Mobile Devices and Outlook Since 2006 – We synced before […]

OggSync 10 Beta Available for Download

This video walks through: Creating a new Outlook calendar folder to sync (you can also sync an existing folder) Opening the configuration settings for that folder Creating test events in 3 Google calendars that will sync to outlook categories Syncing these events Setting up the category colors in Outlook Testing […]

OggSync Three Minute Setup Tutorial

It’s not always clear that OggSync is actually two different programs.  One program that runs in your system tray (OggSync for Outlook 4.20) and another program that will run on a Windows Mobile device (OggSync for Windows Mobile 4.19).  You may wish to use different ones depending on the use […]

Ways to use OggSync

If you are in Australia and you notice that your times are syncing incorrectly, be sure to apply the Microsoft Daylight Savings Time (DST) patch as follows: Backup your calendars Uncheck your calendars in OggSync Sync again (This will unsync your device) Apply the Microsoft patch:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949168 Recheck Calendars Sync […]

Austrialian Daylight Savings Time Patch