Contact Sync! OggSync for Windows Mobile and Outlook 4.0 Beta Continues Public Beta Testing

OggSync Windows Mobile to Google Direct SyncWe thank those users who helped us out during the private beta test of OggSync. We have decided to move the beta to a full public beta. Before installing please backup your data and also uninstall previous versions of OggSync that you are running.

We’ve made a quick presentation that outlines some of the new features in OggSync Mobile 4.0, that is available here.

As mentioned before, the major new feature for OggSync 4.0 is contact sync. OggSync supports all of the Google Contact fields and will sync as many fields as it can to the mobile or office environment. OggSync preserves all data on both Google and Outlook sides. This means that if you have 20 email addresses for a contact in Google, OggSync will sync as many as it can to Outlook or the Device, but preserve the extra information in Google when data is synced back from Outlook.

We also are pleased to announce a major change in the way we support Microsoft Outlook. OggSync now runs as a system tray application in version 4.0 with a start at windows bootup and autosync feature so that you are always in sync.
As always, OggSync supports Multiple Google calendars to multiple Outlook calendars (with either a combined view in a single Outlook calendar or spread or repeated to as many Outlook calendars as you wish). 4.0 also supports contact sync in the Desktop.

We know that contact sync has been the major feature request and OggSync is proud to be the first product with real Google Contact sync. Just like with Multiple Google calendar sync, we very much want to be the innovator for features you want as fast as we can deliver them.

If you have any issues with the beta, please make all report to

Thank you!