When evaluating other programs….keep these key differentiators in mind:

1.) OggSync talks direct to Google – no other third party server to manage an account with. This is a key design difference. OggSync runs on your Windows Mobile 5.0 device using Google API to sync your events both ways. It runs in the background, using no CPU, ready to OTA sync your events to Google as scheduled. OggSync is the only program that can do this, others are promising.
So if your a Windows Mobile 5.0 user who prefers keep it simple, then OggSync is the only product with true 2 way syncing on the go.
2.) OggSync handles reoccurring events beautifully, it is the only product to handle EXCEPTIONS.

So if your regular Wednesday lunch meeting is moved to Thursday, just this once, OggSync can handle it!

3.) OggSync works great with Hosted Domains, – you don’t have to had off your Google Account / Password to another server, In fact you never connect to a third party server, so your information is kept confidential on your mobile.

Your company calendar or family calendar is easily available to you even if it is setup as a Google Hosted Domain, OggSync treats it the same as all the other Google Calendars.

4.) OggSync is a Pro at keeping multiple Google Calendars in sync. The Pro version automatically maps your Google Calendars to corresponding events on your mobile Outlook calendar.

OggSync gives your mobile a view of all your events, from multiple calendars, nicely categorized in Outlook and allows you make edits/updates. If you organize your events by different categories, i.e. personal, XYZ project, corporate events, using your Mobile Outlook, OggSync will then sync those to respective Google calendars for you, and/or let you sync them to your default Google Calendar — Nothing gets lost!