OggSync gCal Sync for Outlook

Announcing Version 3.0

Introducing the brand new OggSync Google Calendar Sync for Outlook. The only full two way category capable syncing solution!

Now you can take charge of ALL aspects of your life while at the same time keeping them separate! Combined with the power of Google Calendar, OggSync for Outlook and OggSync for Mobile allows you to share information with those who need to see it while at the same time giving you a full unified view of your scheduled life!

Check out our Demo Video.

OggSync for Outlook Configuration ScreenFeatures in OggSync for Outlook Pro and Mobile Pro Include:

  • Full 2 Way Sync (Settable for each Google Calendar)
  • One way sync (Outlook/Mobile to Google and Google to Outlook/Mobile, settable for each Google Calendar)
  • Support for Default Calendar (Support for unknown Outlook Categories to Default Calendar)
  • Support for Multiple Google Calendars and Multiple Outlook Calendars
  • Ability to enter new events into any Google Calendar in OggSync Mobile
  • Supports Google’s brand new multiple reminder settings. (2 way sync with outlook/device for closest pop-up appointment.)
  • Publish only Free/Busy Info (from Google or from Outlook/Mobile and Individually Settable by each Google Calendar)
  • Always Free Option (Individually Settable for each Google Calendar)
  • Do Not Publish Private Events (Individually Settable for each Google Calendar)
  • No Reminders Option (Individually Settable for each Google Calendar)
  • Import Google Colors into Outlook 2003
  • Google Calendars mapped to Outlook Categories (Category Colors settable in Outlook 2007)
  • XP and Vista Supported
  • Auto Sync Feature in both Outlook and Mobile
  • One Subscription Per Google Account (Use Outlook and Mobile versions of OggSync for the same subscription)
  • All existing subscribers get Outlook support included in their subscription.
  • Freeware version still available with more limited features.
  • $29.95/year Subscription (that’s $2.50 a month!) buys BOTH Outlook and Mobile versions (that’s $14.98/year each/$1.25 each per month!) everything and helps pay for development and support and even more functionality in the future, thanks for your support!

OggSync for Outlook Status Window

Note: If you are planning to use ActiveSync, OggSync Outlook and OggSync Mobile, you must disable the calendar sync in the ActiveSync settings.
Note: When upgrading from OggSync Mobile to 3.00, it is recommended that you uninstall first in the remove programs section of your device as the location of OggSync has changed. (Usually you can just overwrite.) Do not manually attempt to delete files.