OggSync for the Enterprise Updates

The latest version of OggSync adds some features and fixes some bugs useful for those using it in the Business Enterprise. Remember to look in the Buy Now page for a link to volume pricing for OggSync.

Changes in Mobile 2.21 and Outlook 3.13 versions:

  • Added feature to Outlook allowing changes to Categories to move Events from one Google Calendar to another.
  • Added link in Configuration Screen explaining locked calendar settings.
  • Improved support for shared calendars (now correctly recognizes a shared calendar in “editor” mode as writable in both Mobile and Outlook).
  • Further increased performance in mobile version.

We are hoping to have a release of the v3 for Mobile next week. We are working with our supplier for some of our needed technology and that is the current estimate. Thanks for the suggestions in the feature request pages, and keep them coming.

Oh yes, we aren’t able to test Outlook 2000 (we unfortunately don’t have that version in our environment) but this version does fix a reported bug.  If any Outlook 2000 users could verify that 3.13 works that would be great.