OggSync Three Minute Setup Tutorial

This video walks through: Creating a new Outlook calendar folder to sync (you can also sync an existing folder) Opening the configuration settings for that folder Creating test events in 3 Google calendars that will sync to outlook categories Syncing these events Setting up the category colors in Outlook Testing a change to an event

OggSync 8.1 Adding Tasks with Improved Calendar and Contact Sync

We are hard at work adding support for Task syncing, improved calendar and contact syncing for our planned January 1, 2014 release of OggSync 8.1.  Thanks to our users for your feedback and feature requests.  We are also adding the first round of OggFlow features (which you can disable) to help bring live chat and […]


OggSync 8.0.1 Bug Fix Release Available

Version 8.0.1 is now available for download on the web site, it fixes the following bugs: – Various errors related to COM usage. – Various sync errors especially with recurrence patters and exceptions. – Move windows to foreground when selected in menus. – Added fully functional trial period.

OGGsync 8 Google Calendar and Contact Sync Beta Available

OGGsync 8 is now available for download from the home page or the left menu bar in this page. Please uninstall prior versions of OGGsync before using and as always back up your data. This is a beta version which works from within the Outlook UI as an add-in. To configure a calendar for syncing: […]

Correct Version of OggSync now Available

As part of the move of some of our servers, we mistakenly put up an older version of this web site and had the incorrect version of OggSync posted. This is now fixed, please download the 4.26 for Outlook 2003/7 and 4.28.3 for Outlook 2010, as these are the current versions. Sorry for those that […]

Issues with Click-to-run Office 2010 Versions

From our testing it appears the latest “click-to-run” versions of Office 2010 available from this page do not work well with OggSync 4.28.3. If you wish to use OggSync, we recommend uninstalling the click to run trial software, and instead use this version (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010). You can do this by using the […]

OggSync for Outlook 2010 4.28 Beta Available for Download

Update 4.28.3 addresses issues with .NET 4 Framework RC1 (Version 4.0.30128). Update 4.28 addresses the following issues with Outlook 2010 beta 4.24: fix for changing categories in Outlook to move events in Google Calendar, fix for losing configuration settings folder on reboot for some users, fix timing errors on system startup (“RPC Server not Available”), […]

OggChat: Free and Pro Live Web Support Blogs, Business, Facebook

We are glad to help promote OggChat, a web live chat solution for web sites.  This is the same solution we are using to support OggSync users (the live chat button just below the “buy now” button).  As we are avid fans of Google Apps, this live chat solution is perfect for anyone using gMail […]

Ways to use OggSync

It’s not always clear that OggSync is actually two different programs.  One program that runs in your system tray (OggSync for Outlook 4.20) and another program that will run on a Windows Mobile device (OggSync for Windows Mobile 4.19).  You may wish to use different ones depending on the use case you are wanting to […]